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Leadership & Teams Collaboration Excellence
Leadership collaboration excellence program
Leadership collaboration excellence program
Leadership collaboration excellence program
Leadership collaboration excellence program
Mentoring program "Elements"

Discover the mentoring experience through our 'Elements' programme, designed to enrich and refine your career path. 

Whether through progressing in your current role, preparing for future opportunities, or deepening your professional development, 'Elements' has been created to allow you experience mentoring through a carefully curated programme, helping you foster significant growth and personal fulfilment.

The 'Elements' programme takes place over four sessions of around an hour each, meticulously designed to support your goals and current situation. We begin with a personal profile analysis, using the Thomas behavioural profile to reveal your strengths, limitations, communication style, added value, drivers and fears, and behaviour under pressure.

By combining this analysis with various perspectives, we tailor the programme specifically to your unique circumstances. By the end of the four sessions set at a pace we will have agreed on our first meeting, you will have achieved the majority of your initially defined objectives.

Elements is suitable for all professional situations, in particular if:


  • You want to explore beyond your current professional situation and define the trajectory to your next position;

  • You want to redefine your job search strategy, improve your CV and networking skills;

  • You are looking for an outside perspective on your current professional situation and decision you have to make on a daily basis and/or manage relations with your co-workers

  • And any other situation worth exploring.


For every career mentoring program "Elements" purchased before 30/04/2024, we offer a 50% special discount on the listed price. Email us here with "Elements" in the subject to receive your special discount code. 



This program is delivered online and face-to-face. For participants based in Switzerland, at least one of the four sessions will be taking place in person. ​

Career mentoring is also available to companies, contact us for more information

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