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Leadership & Teams Collaboration Excellence
Leadership collaboration excellence program
Leadership collaboration excellence program
Leadership collaboration excellence program
Leadership collaboration excellence program

Mentoring program "Elements"

The “Elements” programme is designed for individuals who are interested in either developing their career, or grow and develop further into their current role or prepare for a future one.


The conversation’s dynamics will be defined during the first session and we will decide whether “leadership coaching” or “career mentoring” is more suited to your situation and your aspirations.


People On Board “Elements” programme consists of four sessions of approximately an hour each customized to support your current situation and objectives. The programme starts with a personal profile analysis (we use the Thomas behavioural profile), which will help you understand your own style in term of strength and limitations, communication style, value to the business, motivators and fears and how you behave under pressure.


Using the profile on one hand and different perspectives, we will be able to tailor the programme to fit your own specific circumstances. 


At the end of the four sessions you will have achieved most of the objectives which will have been defined at the beginning.


The programme is suitable to any professional situation:


  • You want to explore more than your current professional situation and define the path to your next position

  • You want to redefine your job hunting strategy and work on your CV and networking skills

  • You want to get an outside point of view on your career so far and on how to continue growing it

  • You are unemployed and want to position yourself on the market

  • Any other circumstances worth discussing


For every career mentoring program "Elements" purchased before 30/04/2023, we offer a 50% special discount on the listed price. Email us here with "Elements" in the subject to receive your special discount code. 



This program is delivered online and face-to-face. For participants based in Switzerland, at least one of the four sessions will be taking place in person. ​

Career mentoring is also available to companies, contact us for more information

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