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Leadership & Team development

Leadership Develop

People development programs can be implemented in companies of any size, and they do not need to be expensive, complicated and time consuming. On the other hand, they have proved to be strong motivation and retention factors for team members and executives, as well as a key driver of engagement in organizations.


Our programs are designed to exactly match the requirements and future developments of your teams, and of your organization. We work on changes through and with the people, and we focus on lasting results. 

After having discussed your needs, we will either put together a fully customized package to facilitate people development in your organization in an efficient and exclusive way. In some occasions, we may use existing frameworks, taken from one of our programs, modify and complement them to achieve your objectives.

All our workshops respond to the requirements of a wide audience, ranging from junior team members to senior executives, all with very high expectations ambitions. We are using the latest learning techniques and leadership theories, alternating examples and experiences, using a variety of group and individual methods in different sequences.

Colleagues working on their professional development plan
People & Culture

People strategy & Culture

We believe in the power of teams as main contributors to the success of organizations and we support you define the directions, you and your teams want to take in term of strategy when it comes to managing people.  Use  our expertise to establish a new structure or re-design your strategic foundations, as well as shape a culture supporting your business objectives, vision and values.


People on Board’s international experience, spanning the last 30 years, has focused on projects ranging from company architecture and design, to programs management and service culture. 


During our career we have successfully engineered innovative initiatives in people management and change, in both not for profit and commercial organizations. This has helped us understand the mechanisms of organizations, and the way we can support people to broaden their horizons and evolve their engagement at work. 

We are specialists in designing or consolidating any organizations' people management framework, reviewing their communication channels and ensuring they are adapted to the current and coming industry trends, as well as to team members of all generations working locally and internationally.

Working on company strategy and culture
Interim people mgmt

Interim people management

Whether the size of your organization requires or not the presence of a full-time HR executive on board, or you are faced with a temporary vacancy in this role, we will step in to help you manage your teams and work at the same time on increasing their engagement. We are immediately operational in most industries.


We offer temporary assignments providing you with an opportunity to work together on revising, and if needed redesigning your people strategy as well as manage your daily administration.


Our presence on a pre-defined basis also provides a point of contact for your team members to refer to in various circumstances. They will be able to address a variety of topics, some of them never discussed before in your organization, ranging from personal development, conflict resolution, coaching and mentoring, as well as the usual administrative questions.

Our offers start with a few days per months and can increase depending on your needsto longer periods. Additionally to being present in your office, our packages include a 24/7 telephone permanence for the days we are not with you.

Human resources management, interim solutions
Career mentoring

Mentoring & leadership coaching

Our focus is on professionals at any level of responsibilities, who want to get a better grip on their career, manage upcoming professional changes or want to start a reflextion on new job opportuities and personal development. We advise executives and individuals at all levels through their career transition, as well as help them define new professional orientations, when needed.

We help leaders and professionals from all background and work developing their leadership skills, competencies and monitor their progress. This can take any aspect of our professinal life that would benefit being addressed in a "secure" environment, through one-to-one mentoring sessions.

Our services are available to individuals starting or completing a career transition or contemplating addressing this change in the next months. Our mentoring program "Elements" is specially designed to launch this process with you.


We also advise organisations having to deal with reducing their teams, and who want to provide their colleagues with support and career services through this transition.


Career mentoring services, leadership coaching services
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